We hope that your family had a wonderful holiday season and are now off to an incredible 2021. Our greatest wish is that this year will be bring health and happiness for all, especially for our amazing Decoma families! 

With 2020 behind us, we are looking ahead to an incredible 2021 season. We are currently planning for two scenarios, a COVID-19 summer similar to 2020 and a pre-COVID summer similar to 2019 and all of our 71 camping seasons before that. At this point, we are thinking that we will likely see a combination of both but are hopeful that we can operate with less restrictions than last summer. Decoma WILL RUN THIS SUMMER, and we know we can operate smoothly and safely in both scenarios.

The health and safety of our camp community always comes first, especially during these crazy times. We are working closely with the American Camping Association (ACA) to ensure that all necessary precautions and protocols are in place. All COVID-19 related decisions are made with guidance provided by the ACA along with the CDC and Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). Last summer guidance received from these organizations was integral in forming our 2020 COVID Action Plan. Being that the circumstances around COVID – 19 are everchanging, we have not received any updated guidance for the 2021 camp season. As such, we have not yet made any final decisions about our safety protocols for this upcoming season and will likely not be able to do so for some time.

Although we remain hopeful that 2021 will bring with which it a loosening of camp restrictions, it is possible that for the safety of our camp community, we will have to make changes to our program as we did last summer. The biggest COVID safety measures put in place for last summer included canceling bus service, before and after care and our Specialty Camps. Another change for 2020 was that we did require all campers’ weeks be consecutive. Again, we have not made any big decisions regarding this summer and we hope that we will not have to! That said, we want you all to be aware of the possibility of major changes such as those mentioned above. Of course, we will notify you immediately of any and all changes and/or decisions we do make.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time. We are always happy to hear from our Decoma families. Camp will be here before we know it and we cannot wait to see your campers’ smiling faces! Until then, stay healthy and think summer!

The Deutsch Family