Decoma Menu

Whether in the cookout area or in the dining hall, a nutritious and delicious hot lunch is provided every day.  We are attuned to individuals with various food allergies and adhere to a peanut/nut free policy for the safety of our campers.

Main entrees consist of: chicken nuggets, mostaccioli and meatballs, macaroni and cheese, turkey, roast beef, hot dogs, hamburgers or pizza. **sun butter and jelly sandwiches and American cheese slices are available every day** Campers are also offered small salads or vegetables and a desert which consists of: fruit, popsicles, ice cream or cookies. Meals are served family style and the food is brought to each group.

No one goes hungry at Decoma: campers can have as much as they like!

Here is a sample menu
(menus will be updated to reflect the current and upcoming week’s main entrees once the Decoma season begins)

What’s cooking for Week 1?

Main Entrees

Monday: Chicken Nuggets

Tuesday: Mostaccioli and Meatballs

Wednesday: Hot Dog Cookout (veggie dogs available)

Thursday: Turkey

Friday: Hamburgers

*sun butter and jelly sandwiches and American cheese slices available every day