Swimming At Decoma Day Camp

Our goal is to provide campers with the skills and confidence in the water to participate and enjoy the experience throughout their lives.  That’s why we swim 2 times a day a Decoma Day Camp!

Our swimming program is conducted in our 3,900 square foot heated, T-shaped pool, designed specifically for Decoma Day Camp. We follow the American Red Cross “Learn to Swim Program” and lessons are taught daily by qualified instructors.  The Decoma camper will become a complete swimmer.  Absolute beginners will gain confidence in the water, learn their strokes and ultimately practice diving and lifesaving skills.

The swimming levels are broken down into small groups – allowing for a good deal of individual attention and positive reinforcement.  Our program is on a ratio of approximately three children per swimming instructor.  Full Day campers swim twice a day and Shortened Day campers swim once each day.  Children bring two bathing suits to camp on Monday and then bring them home on Friday – we provide the towels!